Soap-Free Foamy Cream with salicylic acid / 200 ml

Due to its salicylic and triclosan content, in addition to cleaning, it unclogs pores, reduces oil levels in the skin and soothes the irritation typical of this type of acne-prone skin.

To the antibacterial properties of triclosan and soothing of plant extracts, add the sebum-regulating and keratolytic properties of salicylic acid. In this way it helps to eliminate the keratin that obstructs the pilosebaceous ducts, regulates and reduces the production of fat, reduces the levels of P. acnes in the skin and relieves the irritation typical of this type of skin.

Daily Care

Sebum regulating facial gel cream / 50 ml

Prevents and improves acne lesions, achieves a finer, purified skin. Contains salicylic acid, sebum regulating complex, nicotinamide and zinc salts that reduce the acne lesions, control the sebaceous secretion and remove the skin’s impurities.

Night Care

Intensive sebum regulating facial gel / 30 ml

Intensive night treatment. Thanks to its formula encapsulated in lipid bubbles, it acts directly on the pilosebaceous follicle, effectively reducing all signs of acne (clogged pore, accumulated fat and irritation), including marks and scars.

Thanks to its liposomal composition, the  Intensive Sebum Regulating Gel acts directly on the pilosebaceous follicle, effectively reducing all the signs of acne.

Intensive Treatment

Anti-Aging ampoules / 5 x 2 ml

Flash treatment with immediate effect against aging. It has 10% glycolic acid, ideal for exerting a “peeling effect” on the skin that refines the complexion and unclogs pores.

Anti-aging ampoules with free and liposomal glycolic acid that renews, regenerates and hydrates the skin. Ideal for all skin types.


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